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Yacht Management

Managing a luxury yacht is an increasingly elaborate business. Liberty’s management team is highly qualified that can offer support and advice to yacht owners and their captains to ensure that the yacht is being operated, maintained and administered to the highest standards.
The Liberty team is made up of qualified professionals who are always courteous, helpful and efficient.

What we offer

  • Yacht accounting
  • Safety management
  • Technical management
  • Insurance assistance
  • Crew administration
  • Crew placement

We take care of

  • Management of the entire financial aspect of the yacht’s expenditures
  • Support and Services tailored to Owner’s needs
  • Experts in dealing with the ever-changing technical, administrative and regulatory standards
  • Insurance that the yacht is operated safely and efficiently
  • Certified safety and quality management system, customised to each specific yacht
  • Assistance with recruitment, reference and certification checking and ensure certificates validity

Why work with Liberty ?

  • Accurate reporting and transparency
  • Dedicated team made up of marine specialists in technical, operational, safety, security & accountancy management
  • Long term relationship
  • Fast reaction and satisfaction of your needs

Our priority as your manager

  • Accurate budget control and tight budget management
  • Efficient crew management
  • 24/7 support to the onboard management team
  • Ensure that your yacht complies with ever increasing regulations
  • Ensure the maximum economies of scale for all maintenance, repair and technical operations.
  • Regular updates on industry developments and trends

Vessel management & maintenance

Liberty is experienced in vessel management of private and charter vessels. We can manage, market, captain and crew your boat no matter what size.

Efficient business systems enable us to quickly deal with client enquiries, store information securely and deal with the financials.

Captain, chef, crew and first class catering can be provided as required.

The advantages we can create for you business

Liberty offers several options for the operations of your private or charter vessel. We can create a tailored program to individually suit the requirements for you and your vessel. Our prices are competitive and our experiences, expertise and services exceed all expectations.

Complete vessel management

We take all the pressure from you to completely maintain and manage your private or charter vessel to the highest of standards and professionalism.

Maintenance program

Maintenance programs are tailored for individual vessels, ensuring your vessel is kept immaculate at all times, crewed and provisioned for owner’s charters and maintenance recorded and kept secure. Excellent communication means you are completely up to date with your vessel.

Charter management program

Our Charter Management Program completely takes care of all requirements for a professionally operated charter vessel, including dealing with enquiries, financials, arranging catering and beverages, charter records kept safe; protecting your business and maintaining excellent communication with owners, agents and crew.

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It’s never been that quick to get everything you need.

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